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Band members

Meryl Foreman


Meryl was born in 1995 in the city of Eindhoven. She would later leave for Utrecht where she studied Veterinary Medicine. After completing her masters degree she moved back to the greater Eindhoven region where she currently works as a veterinarian for companion animals. At the very early age of 4, she started playing the violin and about 9 years later she changed the violin for private vocal lessons which she had till the age of 18. Her first band was called Black Fish which she started with several friends during high school. Later, a show of the Dutch symphonic metal band Stream of Passion inspired her to become the singer in a metalband and she found her place as a singer of Beyond God.

Ferry Guns


Born in 1975, Ferry is the father of two teenagers and currently lives near Eindhoven in the Netherlands. He has obtained a Bachelor of Science and works as a Program Director at Philips Healthcare. At the age of 10 he started playing bass guitar and after two years he added “hammering on boxes” to his musical resume. It took another two years for his parents to get him his first drumkit. During his teens he started his first bands, mainly Doom and Death Metal inspired by The Gathering. This was followed by a musical hiatus lasting a few years. However, he never let the passion for music slide and started working on new ideas. As soon as he had written music aplenty, he decided it was time to take this music and find other musicians to form a new band. Thus Beyond God was born.During his time off, Ferry likes to play drums and working on orchestrations. He enjoys riding his speedpedelec bike and hanging out with his girlfriend. Not many people know this but although he is reminiscent of the Muppet Animal behind the drums, he actually really enjoys romantic movies! For example, he has seen the Titanic over a dozen times (Jack could have fitted on there, Rose…).

Dennis Winkel


In the summer of 1995, Dennis was born near Rotterdam. This is where he spent his entire life thus far. He got a Bachelors degree in International Studies, a Masters degree in Russian and Eurasian Studies and a Masters degree in International Relations: Global Conflict in the Modern Era, all from Leiden University. Currently he works for the Dutch Public Authorities. He started his interest in playing music in primary school after a music class made him curious about playing guitar. He had guitar lessons starting with classic children music but developed a taste for the more energetic music around the age of 13. Buying his first electric guitar, this developed further and at the age of 16 he decided to add bass to his arsenal to play in a band with some friends. Before Beyond God he had played in some rock and metal bands ranging from symphonic to black/death and everything in between.

Mariusz Krawitowski

Lead guitar

Mariusz is originally made in Poland and is responsible for the solo spectrum. He was born in 1985 in Bytom Silesia, the biggest mining city in Poland where the coal blackens the snow before it falls and with it, the souls of its citizens (or so the legend goes). In 2011 he moved to the Netherlands, near Rotterdam and he currently works in IT (probably because of the coal). His musical journey started around the age of 9-10 when he played classical guitar. He actually wanted to play the piano but his parents did not have the place for a piano. Naturally, a guitar is the second best option because it sounds similar to a piano, or so his parents thought. For some time Mariusz wanted to switch to a piano but eventually he did find joy in playing guitar which he still does. After playing classical guitar for a while he found out that louder is in fact better and got his first electric guitar at the age of 14. Within a year he joined his first band.

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