Album: The Great Divide / Release: February 17th, 2023

Directed by: Apollo AV Club – Joey de Koning, Michiel van Laarhoven and Kevin van der Ven
Make-up by Meryl Foreman / Sfx make-up by Kim Laanbroek / Body double by Nadiah / On-site support by Francesca Lavarone
Recorded at Ouddorp beach, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands and Studio i-Koon, Tilburg

Video Highlights

Made by: Mariusz Krawitowski

A Siren’s Cry

Made by: Mariusz Krawitowski


Video by Mariusz Krawitowski
Artwork by Mariusz Krawitowski
Camera operator Marsha van der Western

Made by: Mariusz Krawitowski


Directed by: Renko Koppe

No Other Way

Produced & Directed by: Renko Koppe
Cinematography: Richard Spierings
Gaffer: Rick Griemink
Ac/lighting technician: Georgios Rietveld
Make-up artist: Gabrielle Sussenbach
Sfx: Steven Hoes / Vfx: Jeffe Bronfman
Intro sound design: Rick de Greef 

Lyrics video

When Lightning Strikes

Marathon ouddorp

Making of Frostbite

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